Worked at Orcam as Senior Product Designer – Myme Team from 2017—2018

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Worked at Glide as Lead UI & Product Designer from 2012 —2017.

I was responsible for creating and designing features that would increase user engagement, that would maximize registrations, and that would increase average number of active connections and chats between our users.

Glide has been download and used by over 25 million people. During my 5 years at Glide, I worked hard to continually improve the usability and design of core features as well as add new features.


I designed an on-boarding process that would maximize successful registration, and minimize drop off at the many stages of the funnel.

I worked closely with the Analytics team to discover pain points that I could directly effect through improved visual design, layout, hierarchy and composition.

Discover v2

Glide is a video messenger that connected people and their friends and family. We created the first version of Discover to give users a way to meet new people and start a chat with them.

I designed Discover v2 to give the user an authentic picture of their potential new friend. The Discover profile offered pictures, video, a personal description, shared friends and common interests.

Working with the Android Team

I worked closely with developers to assure that all features made it through to completion. I spent countless hours with Android developers to assure that the UI and layout worked on all devices sizes. I often edited and tweaked front-end XML / Java code and committed changes to Bitbucket.

Interactive Prototyping

While creating a new feature, I would save countless hours of valuable developer time by creating a usable prototype in just a handful of hours and share it with the team. We would get vital usability feedback for a relatively small compared to development. I used prototyping tools like Framer and Principle.

CMRA Marketing Effort

I lead the design of the pre-sale campaign for CMRA Camera Band for Apple Watch. I worked closely with our digital marketing guru to bring in over $500K of revenues in less just a few weeks after launch. I created hundreds of static and animated ads with speed and incredible turn around.